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Articles on Creativity and Innovation That Will Help You Become More Creative and Innovative —Perhaps Even a Genius

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Most of these articles at the links below come from the book on creativity and innovation called The Joy of Thinking Big: How to Become a Genius in No Time Flat  by Ernie J. Zelinski who also wrote The World's Best Retirement Book.


Every prosperous person who does not work has a creative scheme that does.
— John Otway

  • The Paradox of Creativity
    The Paradox of Creativity: The people and organizations who most need to have their creative abilities enhanced are the most resistant to participating in any related learning activities. The opposite is true with creative people and innovative companies. They are most eager to look at new ways and not-so-new ways to stimulate their creativity and generate innovation.
  • 17 Principles of Creativity and Innovation
    17 Principles of Creativity and Innovation: Following are seventeen principles (more or less) of creativity and innovation that I consider basic for being creative at work or play. This means these principles can be applied to personal matters as well as career and business innovation.
  • Graffiti for the Creative Soul
    Graffiti for the Creative Soul: With all the barriers to creativity in our society, many people find that the only place they get to be creative is in writing graffiti anonymously on some wall in an alley or in the washroom. To show how a lot of graffiti is very creative, I first included four pages of it in my book The Joy of Thinking Big.
  • Creativity and Money
    Creativity and Money: You Are Already a Millionaire — Your Creativity Makes It So! Quotes about money, quotes about creativity