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List of Recommended Websites and Blogs 

on Creativity and Innovation

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 Websites and Blogs Recommended by Sensationally Creative

to Help You Be More Innovative and Creative

Thinking Like a Genius: Adapted from Thinking Like a Genius by : Michalko, Michael: Eight strategies used by the super creative, from Aristotle and Leonardo to Einstein and Edison.

Oddly Enough: News, But Not the Serious Kind.  These true news stories from around the world remind you to take life a little less seriously.

Benefits of an Economic Recession: This Website will help you see the positives of a recession and help you survive a recession if your sense of humor is still intact.

EscapeArtist.com: Reduce Workplace Boredom by Fantasizing about Living Where You Want To Live, Living How You Want To Live, and Making Money Doing It! Heck, You May Even Not Just Fantasize about All These and Do All of Them.

43 Things - Are you a Newness-seeking Self-improving Tree Hugger? Take the 43 Things Personality Quiz and find out. 43 Things.com can also be a great way to achieve your goals. You can post your aspirations for all your co-workers to see. Your goals can include such things as win the lottery (fat chance), become a millionaire (fat chance again) and retire early (only if you read How to Retire, Happy, Wild, and Free).

The Idler: Besides being a website, The Idler is a bi-annual, book-shaped magazine that campaigns against the work ethic.  It was founded in 1993 by Tom Hodgkinson and his friend Gavin Pretor-Pinney.  The intention of the website and the magazine is to return dignity to the art of loafing, to make idling into something to aspire towards rather than reject.

The Joy of Not Working: Features the World's Second Best Retirement Book, in fact, The Joy of Not Working is a book for the retired, unemployed, and overworked. Real life success stories about people not working, 25 reasons to retire early, and retirement quotes, letters, jokes, and poems.

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World Leisure Organization: is a world-wide, non-governmental association of persons and organizations dedicated to discovering and fostering those conditions best permitting leisure instead of work to serve as a force for human growth, development, and well-being.

Zen Habits: With a Zen flavour, this Blog covers subjects  such as achieving goals, productivity, being organized, motivation, eliminating debt, saving, getting a flat stomach, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits.

The School of Life: Great Ideas to Live By. Particularly for people who live in London, The School of Life is a new social enterprise offering good ideas for everyday living. Based in a small shop in Central London this small enterprise offers a variety of programs and services concerned with how to live wisely and well. You can also join their group on Facebook.


Note: This webpage of websites and blogs on Creativity  and Innovation  to help you be more creative and innovative has just been started and will be expanded over time to include many more.

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